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Granjas de reprodutores suídeos certificadas: Protegendo a saúde e economia

Protecting Health and Economy

Did you know that swine farming plays a crucial role in the economy, but also requires special care to ensure the health of animals and the quality of products? To maintain adequate sanitary levels and prevent the spread of diseases, Normative Instruction No. 19 was established in 2002, with recent revisions in 2020.

What does this mean for you, a swine breeder?

Certification of Swine Breeding Farms: Certification is mandatory to ensure the health of animals and the quality of products. Certified farms meet rigorous biosecurity and health requirements.

Serological Monitoring: One of the pillars of certification is serological monitoring, which allows for the identification and control of diseases such as Classical Swine Fever, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Aujeszky's Disease, Scabies, and others.

In addition to mandatory diseases, breeders can choose to certify their farms as free from other diseases such as Atrophic Rhinitis, Mycoplasmal Pneumonia, Swine Pleuropneumonia, and Swine Dysentery.

Why is this important?

Quality Assurance: Certification assures consumers that pork products come from healthy animals raised under appropriate conditions.

Industry Sustainability: By preventing the spread of diseases, certification contributes to the sustainability of the swine industry, protecting herds and the livelihoods of producers.

Public Health: In addition to protecting animal health, certification also has a positive impact on public health by reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses from swine-origin foods.

Commitment to Quality: Certified swine breeders demonstrate their commitment to quality and food safety, building trust with consumers and strengthening the industry's reputation.

Brucelose, Tuberculose, Sarna e Leptospirose (quando não é praticada a vacinação contra esta doença).

Todas as granjas que comercializam ou distribuem reprodutores suídeos, bem como centrais de inseminação artificial, devem ser GRSC.


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