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What is PNCRC?

The National Plan for Residue and Contaminant Control (PNCRC) is a program implemented in Brazil by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (MAPA) with the aim of ensuring food safety and the quality of animal products such as meat, milk, eggs, fish, honey, and others.

The PNCRC establishes guidelines and measures for the control and monitoring of residues and contaminants throughout the entire production chain, from production to final consumption. It sets maximum allowed limits, outlines good practices for the production, handling, storage, transportation, and commercialization of animal products.

Additionally, it promotes the training and education of producers, technicians, and professionals, and conducts inspection activities, including the collection of samples for laboratory analysis.

The PNCRC seeks to ensure that animal-origin foods available in the market comply with established standards of quality and safety, protecting the health of consumers and ensuring the competitiveness of the country's agricultural sector.


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