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2022 Internal Week of Work Accident Prevention

In September, the eagerly awaited Internal Week of Work Accident Prevention (SIPAT) took place at Frivatti. During this event, we provided our employees with a series of playful activities, theatrical performances, parodies, and educational games focused on learning about physical and mental health. With the theme 'Attention at Work and in Life,' the 2022 SIPAT featured special guest speakers and regional companies, further enriching the participants' experience.

Frivatti places a high priority on the safety and well-being of our employees. SIPAT is a crucial event to raise awareness about the importance of accident prevention in the workplace. Throughout the week, we organized a variety of interactive activities aimed not only at imparting information but also at actively involving our employees.

Our playful activities, including theater and parodies, were specially designed to captivate the attention and interest of our employees. Through theatrical performances and entertaining presentations, we addressed common situations in the workplace and demonstrated how a healthy mind and body contribute to attention and accident prevention. These initiatives proved highly effective in delivering important messages in a light-hearted and engaging manner.

The special participation of guest speakers and regional companies added significant value to SIPAT. These professionals provided valuable insights into mental health and workplace relationships, shared inspiring experiences and stories. This exchange of information and ideas further enriched the week, inspiring our employees.

Frivatti reaffirms its commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment where everyone can perform their tasks with peace of mind and confidence. SIPAT was a unique opportunity to reinforce these values, emphasizing the importance of accident prevention and the care of our employees' physical and mental health.

We extend our gratitude to all employees who actively participated in the 2022 SIPAT, contributing to the event's success and demonstrating their dedication to workplace safety. Together, we can build an even safer and healthier environment where everyone can thrive and achieve their best.


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