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Frivatti Ind

Frivatti Industrial

Frivatti Industrial, responsible for managing all industrial processes of the marketed products, stands out for exceptional quality and a commitment to excellence. With a decades-long tradition, Frivatti excels in the production and supply of animal-origin products that meet the highest standards of food safety and sustainability.

The relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement is a hallmark of Frivatti, driving the development of modern processes that ensure product quality. Additionally, the company takes significant environmental responsibility, adopting sustainable practices throughout its production chain.

However, Frivatti is more than an industry. It is an active member of the community, committed to social projects that seek to improve the lives of people in its vicinity. Through partnerships and social initiatives, Frivatti contributes to building a more just and inclusive future.

1,500 Collaborators


Production month


Daily slaughter

Respect for the employee

We take respect for our employees very seriously because we believe that a healthy and inclusive work environment is fundamental for the success of everyone.

Environmental Respect

We prioritize environmental quality and respect for nature. In addition to water reduction and reuse, we have a physical and biological treatment system that returns a high-quality effluent to the environment.

Social projects

Frivatti is committed to social projects that, through impactful partnerships and initiatives, seek to promote inclusion and well-being in the communities around us.


SAC Frivatti Ind

Caso precise de ajuda sobre algum produto ou serviço, por favor entre em contato com nosso serviço de atendimento ao cliente(SAC).

Será um prazer ajudá-lo no que precisar. 

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