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Frivatti Genetic

Frivatti Genetic

Frivatti Genetic is a specialized swine production complex focused on breeding, genetics, and the efficient production of weaned piglets. It operates a modern genetic improvement program with standardized and humane processes. The Gene Dissemination Unit (GDUnit) collects and stores swine semen, ensuring quality and efficiency in reproduction. The GDUnit employs advanced technologies to preserve semen, and with a qualified team and appropriate technologies, contributes to the production of healthy and high-quality pigs.

Frivatti Genetic facilities are equipped with systems and technologies that ensure the well-being of piglets, maximizing their survival and growth rates. This includes heating, ventilation, lighting, feeding, and temperature and humidity control systems.

The Weaned Piglet Production Units (WPPUs) play a crucial role in the swine production chain, preparing piglets for transfer to other swine production facilities.

We offer replacement gilts with high reproductive capacity, supporting a herd of 30,000 sows.

SAC Genetic

SAC Frivatti genetic

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