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Frivatti Agro

Frivatti Agro

Frivatti Agro, responsible for the swine farms of our partner rural producers and the supply of high-quality feed for the entire production chain, is committed to animal welfare. The company is rigorous and meticulous in all stages of the process, from caring for the female to the birth of piglets in the maternity ward, through the Weaned Piglet Production Units (WPPUs), moving to the nursery, and concluding with the fattening stage in the finishing units. This ensures that the animals are treated with respect and care. This commitment reflects not only the ethical values of the company but also aims to achieve the best zootechnical and performance results in the field. Proper management results in healthy animals with improved performance and quality in the production processes.

Frivatti Agro understands that animal care is fundamental for the sustainable success of the entire production chain, as it is committed from the integrated producer to the final consumer.


Frivatti Agro is fully committed to the entire production chain, adopting rigorous biosecurity practices in all its units. This approach ensures not only the quality, safety, and sustainability of the pork we produce but also reflects our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of production and environmental responsibility.

Animal nutrition

Frivatti Agro is unwaveringly committed to the well-being of the swine under our care, ensuring that the feed provided to our animals is produced to the highest standards of excellence. We prioritize the health and quality of life of our swine, dedicating ourselves tirelessly to the production of feed that meets the most rigorous criteria for quality.

SAC Agro

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