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Flu Vaccination Campaign

Recently, Frivatti Genetic and Agro launched an important vaccination campaign for all their employees, aiming to immunize them against the Influenza virus, reaffirming their commitment to collective health and social responsibility.

Does human flu immunization also protect pigs and farms?

Due to certain biological similarities, pigs are also susceptible to the flu virus. This factor can negatively affect the entire swine production, as the Influenza virus is highly mutable and unpredictable in its mutations. An outbreak of flu in a farm can result in significant productivity losses, impacting animal health and business efficiency.

This initiative reflects the company's commitment to public health and the sustainability of its operations, highlighting that immunization is not just an act of individual care, but a collective effort to protect all employees and animals, thus ensuring the continuity and quality of swine production.

Frivatti Genetic and Agro are doing their part to immunize the population and protect swine production, demonstrating that health and productivity go hand in hand.


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