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About us

Frivatti is composed of companies dedicated to swine farming, located in the western region of Paraná. Comprising three companies that make up the Frivatti family, we have: Frivatti Ind, responsible for the complete industrialization of the pork production process;

Frivatti Agro, responsible for all stages of pig nutrition, producing high-quality feed and supplying the UPD, Nursery, and Termination units; and Frivatti Genetic, a company specialized in providing genetic material and efficiently producing high-quality sows and piglets.

As a result, Frivatti has a vertically integrated production process, allowing us to have traceability and total control from the origin of the pigs to the delivery to our customers.

Missão Frivatti


 Meet the needs of our target audiences (customers, employees, suppliers and community). 

Visão Frivatti

The future

To be one of the best companies in the pig farming chain in Brazil, by 2030.

Valores Frivatti


  • Respectin relationships;

  • Responsibility in actions;

  • Sustainability across the entire chain;

  • Continuous improvement as a practice;

  • Governanceas a strategic guideline.

With total control over the production of high-quality reproductive matrices, Frivatti has genetic and generational traceability for each pig, ensuring that the entire production chain is supplied with quality swine.

Frivatti operates with a production model in line with Industry 4.0, with a daily slaughter capacity of 4,000 animals per day.

Frivatti's pork cuts are specialized and crafted based on the needs of our commercial partners.

Our pig farms are located in various cities in the Western Paraná region and specialize in ensuring the quality of life, health, and nutrition of our pigs. Our goal is to provide the best possible care, resulting in healthy and high-quality pigs.

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Quality control

With rigorous quality control and a commitment to food safety for families, we ensure that all our products meet the highest standards of quality.

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