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Frivatti's Presence at SIAVS 2022

Frivatti made a significant presence at SIAVS 2022, the largest poultry and swine industry event in Brazil. Held from August 9 to 11 at the Anhembi Parque in São Paulo (SP), the event provided a unique opportunity for professionals, companies, and organizations in the industry to come together and share knowledge, trends, and technologies.

In partnership with the ABPA (Brazilian Association of Animal Protein) and ApexBrasil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments), SIAVS 2022 was a resounding success, attracting the participation of over 200 companies and organizations. The exhibition area was truly impressive, covering more than 20,000 square meters, where visitors could explore and discover the latest innovations and solutions offered by the market.

SIAVS 2022 provided an ideal environment for conducting important business deals and partnerships. Frivatti took advantage of this opportunity to strengthen its relationships with existing clients and establish new strategic partnerships. Interaction with other professionals and companies in the sector allowed for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices, driving the development and advancement of the poultry and swine industry as a whole.

For Frivatti, participating in SIAVS 2022 meant more than just attending an event. It was an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, contributing to the growth and fortification of the swine industry. The company left the event with the confidence that it is on the right path and the motivation to continue offering increasingly efficient and competitive solutions to its clients.

Frivatti's success at SIAVS 2022 reinforces its position as a leader in the poultry and swine market. Its participation in the event was a significant milestone for the company, demonstrating its ability to adapt to market needs and stay ahead of industry trends.

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