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Gratitude Week

At Frivatti, we believe that gratitude and collaboration are essential for the success of our company. We value teamwork, the dedication of our employees, and the mutual support that strengthens our corporate culture. Recently, we celebrated Gratitude Week at Frivatti with a series of collaborative activities that encouraged gratitude and collaboration in our workplaces and in our lives.

During Gratitude Week at Frivatti, we promoted various collaborative activities aimed at strengthening bonds between the company's departments and encouraging the expression of gratitude at all hierarchical levels. Through workshops and group dynamics, our employees had the opportunity to reflect on the importance of gratitude in the workplace and in their personal lives.

One of the key aspects of this special week was to encourage the practice of daily gratitude. We know that sometimes we get so caught up in our routines that we forget to appreciate the moments and the people around us. Therefore, we created a gratitude wall where each employee could write messages of gratitude for their colleagues. This activity not only allowed them to express their appreciation but also emphasized the importance of recognizing the efforts and positive impact of each individual on the team.

Gratitude Week at Frigorífico Frivatti was a transformative experience in which we celebrated and encouraged gratitude and collaboration in our workplaces. This initiative further strengthened our corporate culture, reinforcing the importance of valuing and acknowledging the efforts of each individual in our team. We are committed to maintaining this spirit of gratitude and collaboration in all areas of our company, seeking continuous and sustainable growth. We extend our gratitude to all the employees who participated in this special week and look forward to reaping the benefits of this practice in the near future.


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