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Guarda Mirim Project in Partnership with Frivatti

The municipality of Itaipulândia is committed to developing the "Guarda Mirim" project in partnership with the support of Frivatti. This initiative aims to train young lifeguards, equipping boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 16. In addition to promoting awareness of citizenship, the program covers a range of essential skills such as first aid, accident and fire prevention and combat.

The "Guarda Mirim" project represents a valuable opportunity for young members of the community to learn about safety and resilience. Through informative lectures, they will receive vital guidance on the prevention of drug use, a critical issue in today's society. Itaipulândia will provide the necessary resources to train and empower these young lifeguards, who will become future agents of change and serve as role models for other young individuals.

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