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Letcure GIZ and Le Mele

On December 15, 2023, Frivatti hosted a lecture promoted by GIZ, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation for Sustainable Development, and the Brazilian group Le Mele, specialized in Biogas production.

The group sees vast potential in the western region of Paraná for utilizing biomass from the pig production chain, aiming for the production of green hydrogen. This form of clean and sustainable energy does not emit CO2 and can be used in engines or to generate electricity in combustion energy cells.

Presenting their project to realize this vision, attracting the attention of all participants, the group highlighted their successful achievements in the municipality of Toledo and intends to expand its business to other municipalities in the region.

The lecture attracted the participation of pig chain producers. Additionally, it was attended by important authorities and representatives from the public sectors of the region.

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