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Modern Industry

We have an industrial facility in the municipality of Itaipulândia, located in the state of Paraná. Since its inauguration in 2010, this unit was designed in the mold of Industry 4.0, representing a leap towards modernization and efficiency in production.

Our unit in Itaipulândia is a living testament to the integration of advanced technologies in the production process. Equipped with intelligent systems and digital connectivity, we process 4000 pigs per day, not only meeting market demand but also setting new standards of efficiency in the industry.

Committed to sustainability, at Frivatti, we value environmental responsibility. In addition to strictly complying with environmental regulations, we surpass expectations by returning effluents to nature in significantly larger quantities than required. This commitment reflects not only our pursuit of operational excellence but also our responsibility to the environment.

By combining tradition and innovation, Frivatti remains at the forefront of the industry, providing not only quality products but also contributing to a more sustainable and technologically advanced sector. Industry 4.0 is the foundation on which we build our path to the future, and we will continue to lead this transformative movement, bringing benefits to both our company and the community and environment we serve.


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