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Our Pig Farms

In the municipalities of Western Paraná, Frivatti's pig farms stand out as symbols of excellence in pork production. Committed to the highest biosecurity standards, farmers work to ensure an exceptional quality of life for our pigs.

The health and well-being of our pigs are unquestionable priorities, reflected in careful management practices and an environment conducive to their healthy development.

The heart of our commitment to excellence lies in the production of superior-quality feed, manufactured at our facility in Medianeira. Each ingredient is carefully selected, ensuring a balanced formulation that meets the specific nutritional needs of our pigs. This meticulous attention to nutrition results in healthy development, promoting not only growth but also the quality of the meat.

Furthermore, Frivatti takes pride in providing the best possible treatment for its pigs. Our farmers dedicate time and effort to create an environment in which the animals feel safe, comfortable, and free from stress. This approach not only contributes to the well-being of the pigs but also reflects in the superior quality of the products we offer to our customers.


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