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Total control from genetics to logistics

In the scenario of the food industry, the pursuit of innovative and sustainable methods has become a priority, and Frivatti understands this, relying on a vertical production process. The company has set a high standard by ensuring total control over all stages of pork production, from genetic matrices to efficient distribution logistics.

The key to Frivatti's success lies in its genetic matrices, with high-quality sows and expertise in swine reproduction. The company significantly invests in selectively chosen animals with rigorous criteria, aiming to ensure superior genetic characteristics. This commitment to quality from the beginning of the process is essential for obtaining excellent pork.

Frivatti also stands out for efficiency in its reproductive process, relying on high-quality reproductive semen collection. This meticulous care ensures the desired genetic consistency, contributing to the production of healthy and robust animals. The collection of high-quality semen becomes a vital component that effectively supplies the entire company's production chain.

The total control exercised by Frivatti allows for precise traceability, ensuring that each animal is tracked from its origin to the final destination. This transparency in the production chain not only meets the growing consumer demand for information about the origin of food but also represents an ethical and responsible commitment to the quality of the final product.

In addition to genetic and reproductive control, Frivatti extends its efficiency to distribution logistics. Knowing where each animal will be sent is not only an operational advantage but also a demonstration of the company's commitment to intelligent supply chain management. This strategic approach results in fast and secure delivery, ensuring the freshness and quality of the product when it reaches the end consumer.

This approach not only meets market expectations but also establishes Frivatti as a benchmark in pork production, standing out as a model to be followed by the entire industry.


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