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Wastewater Treatment: Environmental Commitment and Well-being at Frivatti.

The following, we will show the practices adopted by the company to efficiently manage water resources, from effluent treatment to the implementation of water conservation and reuse measures.

At Frivatti Ind., our concern for water goes beyond just its treatment for industrial use. We extend this commitment to the well-being of our employees and the preservation of the environment in all aspects of our operations.

Environmentally, our approach is proactive. We constantly educate our employees on the importance of water conservation, encouraging practices that minimize waste and promote the preservation of this vital resource. Additionally, we perform regular maintenance at all our facilities to prevent leaks and, consequently, reduce water wastage.

Frivatti Agro, in particular, is closely linked to the health and well-being of our team. We recognize that water is essential not only for our production processes but also for the health and safety of everyone working with us. That's why we have implemented a rigorous quality control system, including water chlorination to ensure its purity. Furthermore, water samples are sent to laboratories weekly to verify its potability, ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy resource for our employees.

Additionally, at Frivatti Genetic, we responsibly utilize effluents derived from production processes. Water is treated with natural bacteria, ensuring its quality for various uses. This treated water is used for hay irrigation, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability at all stages of our operations. For human consumption, we conduct treatment with chlorination, followed by laboratory analysis according to regulation No. 19 and ordinance No. 265, ensuring the safety and quality of the water we provide to our employees.

For Frivatti, the commitment to water goes beyond the boundaries of our company; it is an essential part of our corporate responsibility to the community and the environment. Every action we take, from wastewater treatment to water conservation in our operations, reflects our long-term commitment to sustainability and the well-being of all. Thus, we are not only fulfilling our mission but also leaving a legacy of care and respect for our planet.


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